Re-evaluate: Considering the Impact of Our Solutions

June is National Safety Month! Since 1996 the month of June has been dedicated to improving workplace health and safety across the United States. National Safety Month promotes safety discussions across organizations which focus on employee wellbeing, industrial safety, and safety for everyday life. Here at MEGAComfort we value the safety and wellbeing of all employees, which is why we will be focusing on how to reassess, re-evaluate, reengage, and recalibrate your workplace this month!

Re-evaluate: Understanding the Cost of Workplace Injuries

Injuries in the workplace can come in all shapes and sizes, and failure to recognize the root cause of your workplace injuries will only continue to cost your organization money. The costs associated with workplace injuries are divided into two groups: direct and indirect costs. Often, we think only of the direct costs, that is, compensation payments, medical, and legal services. But the reality is, the indirect costs associated are just as costly! Indirect costs include training of replacement employees, accident investigation, implementation of corrective solutions, repairs, lost productivity, and absenteeism. It’s time we re-evaluate how we handle injuries in the workplace!

Reactive vs Proactive Solutions

Many times, we look for solutions after an injury has occurred, but this does not always have to be the case. Acting reactively to workplace injuries is often more costly than investigating and implementing proactive, ergonomics solutions before injury occurs. Re-evaluating your workplace ergonomics consistently and with input from all stakeholders allows your organization to prevent injuries, improve employee morale and increase productivity, all whilst saving on direct and indirect injury costs.

Ergonomic vs Basic Solutions

When injury does occur, it can be tempting to cut corners when it comes to cost and implement a more basic solution. However, this basic solution is likely to underperform, costing more and failing to address the root cause of your organization’s top injuries. It is imperative that as an organization, you re-evaluate your needs and choose an objective, ergonomic solution that will continuously improve safety culture.

Ergonomic Solutions Basic Solutions
  • Objectively proven, backed by clinical findings or field reports
  • Addresses the root cause
  • Process of continuous improvement and consistent re-evaluation
  • Larger upfront cost, greater returns year over year
  • Lacking objective support
  • A quick fix solution to the larger issue
  • “One and done” mentality
  • Does not yield improvements to injury rates

Stay tuned for our post next week where we will discuss reengagement in the workplace to make the most of your ergonomics programs!