Football’s abuses to the body are relentless

The crowd watches anxiously as the coin flips through the air. It lands on the ground and the referee blows the whistle and signals which team won the toss. Soon the ball is being kicked and the game begins.

Everybody knows that football is a dangerous game. The abuse to the player’s feet begins with the first kick-off and is as relentless as the abuses to the rest of the body, although not always as easily recognized. Throughout the game, players start and stop running, frequently changing directions and varying the angle at which their feet hit the ground. Every pounding step produces trauma to the feet which is transferred to the ankles, shins and knees. Injuries are commonplace both from the vicious body slams from being tackled and the pounding of the feet across the field.

Proper Equipment and stretching offers protection and prevention

Since 1939, helmets have been a required piece of equipment in college football. Today, players are covered literally from head to toe with equipment including helmets, mouth guards, shoulder pads, chest protectors, thigh, hip and knee pads, shin guards, and even ankle guards. It would seem they have thought of everything, but it is important not to forget about the feet. Remember the “pounding trauma to the feet which is transferred to the ankles, shins and knees? This type of trauma can lead to a sudden injury or even long term damage that occurs over time. A player may end up requiring extensive knee replacement surgery and be somewhat disabled after retirement if precautions aren’t taken. The best way to prevent both sudden and long term injuries is to stretch properly, get the muscles and joints warmed up and to wear football insoles to reduce the shock.

What to look for in a good pair of football insoles

When shopping for football insoles you will want to keep a few things in mind. First, they should fit comfortably inside your football cleats. They should feel like a part of the shoe. Next, they should be made of the latest high tech material, such as dual layered memory foam, to allow maximum shock absorption with minimum space required. Next, they should be resistant to bacteria, mold and fungus.

Wearing a good set of football insoles will not only provide shock absorption, it will also prevent fatigue and improve the player’s foot comfort. Many players also notice that they have more “spring in their step” and are able to run faster and have better coordination.


Football is a dangerous game that predisposes players to a great risk of injury. People sometimes overlook the damage to the feet, ankles, shins, knees and calves that can be caused by the trauma to the feet caused by the relentless pounding of the feet across the field. Preventing these types of injuries is possible with proper warm-up stretching and the use of high quality football insoles. A high quality insole will be made from high tech materials that will absorb the shock while providing better coordination and comfort. Good insoles should be resistant to bacteria, mold and fungi.

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