From the beginning, MEGAComfort was founded on the mission to enhance the lives of people working, and spending long periods of time on their feet. From my time working in an auto factory, I gained firsthand experience with people who were standing or walking for long periods of time during their workday.   With my  experience as a podiatrist, I generated the idea, and with many years of  research and development created the Dual Layer 100% memory foam technology for  insoles that helps reduce pain and fatigue.

Fast forward two decades, and I’m happy to say that MEGAComfort is the leader of insoles in the health and safety market. This accomplishment has been the inspiration, and catalyst, to continue striving towards our goals of developing technologically advanced products that positively impact people’s lives in a meaningful way. I believe our company has a responsibility to our customers and employees to always improve and grow.

After extensive research, time, and work the MEGAComfort team has developed the Energysole. A cutting-edge wearable that features our dual layer 100% memory foam technology and provides users with real-time analytics of their activity, at the point of contact, their feet. We asked ourselves, why are we tracking steps on our wrist, when we walk with our feet? So, we went to work and answered that question.

Our new MEGASteps App tracks your steps, calories burned, distance traveled, and activity level, with smart phone connectivity that users can view and share their performance data. We have created an interactive platform with the Energysole group site, which encourages team spirit and motivates users through performance goals.

We were honored that the Energysole was chosen as one of 10 new products at CE Week in NYC to receive the title of Best in Show. You can read our official press release here.

The Energysole will be released this fall, and we can’t wait for you to try them in your shoes so that you can experience, first-hand the unrivaled accuracy and patented comfort technology.

If you want to learn more about our new revolutionary insole, visit