You may remember our previous blog about the The Centre for Research in Occupational Safety and Health (CROSH) and their unique vision to combine all avenues of workplace safety, including safety getting to work, and how to live healthier lives. One of our favorite parts about this University, is that students are actively engaged in discovering innovative solutions to the difficult problems facing workplace safety within various industries, such as mining, healthcare, and natural solutions. Their goal is to eliminate occupational disease and injury. Our goal is to help them accomplish their dreams.

Recently we were tagged in a photo on Twitterby Carolyn Knight, a  student recipient of the MEGAComfort Scholarship. We can’t express how much this photo means to us. Her gratitude and enthusiasm for her studies and future career motivate us to continue advocating for workplace safety, and developing products that reduce pain and fatigue in the workplace.

We are honored to support CROSH and their mission to find innovative solutions to problems that affect workers across Canada and the globe. We are thrilled that the MEGAComfort scholarship is positively impacting students and the future of workplace safety. Thank you Carolyn for being an excellent student, we look forward to seeing how you change the world! 

Click here, to learn more about CROSH and the MEGAComfort Scholarship. If you have questions about this scholarship or any MEGAComfort work initiatives, contact us here