Is playing soccer foot abuse?

That really shouldn’t be a surprise. Soccer or association football, as it’s known through most of the world, it very likely the modern sport that is most physically demanding of the feet. Since players are not able to use their hands to handle the ball, the feet do most of the work. Passing, stopping and shooting the ball are all done with the feet. Players run up and down the field, stopping and starting suddenly and moving from side to side. The feet take a real beating on the soccer field. Without proper precautions, many foot injuries and lifelong foot problems can occur as a result of this type of abuse. One way to decrease the impact of soccer play on the feet is to use a high quality pair of soccer insoles inside of the player’s cleats.

Soccer causes strains to other parts as well

The feet aren’t the only part of a soccer player’s body that suffers from the fast-paced, field pounding nature of the game. The twists and turns as well as the sudden stops and starts put added strain on the heels, ankles, shins and knees as well. Strains, sprains, muscle pulls, blisters and general pain are often the result. Other consequences include muscle fatigue in the feet, ankles and calves that can decrease a player’s abilities on the field.

There are two things that can dramatically reduce the risks of these types of injuries and consequences. The first is proper stretching and warm-up. This will help prepare the body for the jarring action on the field and release the hormones necessary to ward off negative chemicals that can be released by suddenly increasing your activity level. The second way to reduce or prevent this type of fatigue and injury from occurring is to use a high quality pair of soccer insoles.

How Soccer Insoles Work

A good set of soccer insoles is specifically designed to absorb the shock to the feet as they hit the ground. Dual layered memory foam gently compresses and then rebounds with every pounding step on the field to minimize the impact on the player’s feet. The shape of the insole also plays a role. A well made pair of soccer insoles includes extra support right where a soccer player needs it; :in the heels and arches. This added support helps to improve the player’s balance and stability, which will have a positive effect on the player’s performance on the field.

The fit of the soccer cleats is also improved by wearing soccer insoles which reduces rubbing that can result in blisters and corns over time. A proper fit, along with the added support and cushioning, also greatly reduces fatigue to the feet, ankles, skins and calves, allowing a player to play at their best for a longer period of time.


The sporadic nature of the game of soccer is extremely tough on the feet, ankles, shins and calves. Players face the risk of both long and short term injuries to these areas on the soccer field. Taking proper precautions, such as warming up, stretching and wearing a good set of soccer insoles can greatly reduce or eliminate these risks in addition to decreasing fatigue and improving balance and control. Since the feet play such a vital role to the game of soccer, it makes sense to take every precaution possible to protect them.

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