Transform the physical and emotional experience of your workers

The world is still reeling from the COVID19 Pandemic. Our new normal has yet to alleviate the full disruption, hard work, and longer hours brought on by the pandemic. Across all industries, employees have worked tirelessly, with little physical and emotional relief.

For most, pandemic life has become a blur. Still, it’s incredibly clear that many workers have sacrificed tremendously to keep the lights on and doors open for themselves, and the businesses they champion. Their heroic selflessness should be recognized daily, but the holiday season is the perfect time to show appreciation.

Over the past year, we’ve all watched workers take on additional shifts, work longer hours, on tired and achy feet, often with sore necks and backs. As members of the health and wellness community, it’s our moral obligation to uplift and support these workers.

At MEGAComfort, we want to make it easy for you to show your workers the gratitude they deserve. One simple gesture, showing compassion and care can make a lasting impression and difference in the workplace. Giving the gift of MEGAComfort insoles can transform the physical and emotional experience of workers in your workplace.

MEGAComfort insoles are clinically designed by a Podiatrist, Dr. Kevan Orvitz. Developed with the goal of improving the lives of workers from the ground up, these insoles are clinically designed to reduce pain and fatigue with every step. Gifting employees with anti-fatigue, 100% dual layer memory foam insoles show care, compassion and empathy. It’s a clear message of appreciation, showing employees you are a champion of their health, wellness, and safety.

We’re also going to “talk the talk, and walk the walk” with you because we believe in practicing what we preach. Head over to (insert link) and share our post. For every post shared on our Facebook page and new connection on LinkedIn, we’ll donate $2 to Feeding America, in your honor.

We’re excited to spread gratitude and cheer with you this holiday season. Click here to gift your team the support and comfort they deserve.