Labor Day Sweepstakes – Tell Us About The Hardest Worker You Know

SWEEPSTAKES UPDATE: This sweepstakes is now closed. The winner has been selected and announced here! You can also watch the drawing here. Take a moment and look around your workplace, or think about those you work with each day. Is there someone on your team, or a person that you work with, that goes [...]

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How 15 Minutes A Day Can Change Your Life

Everyone has 15 minutes in their work day that can potentially change their life. That may sound like an ambitious promise. However, if you take that 15 minutes and break it down into 5 minute increments, the task becomes even easier. Getting up three times a day, from your desk, and walking for 5 [...]

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Taking Safety One Step at a Time

Most people spend more time standing on our feet than thinking about them, and even less time taking care of them. Working for long hours on your feet, or standing for many hours, without proper footwear and appropriate support can cause a horrible day, or even worse it can lead to debilitating lower body [...]

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Fun Tips for Foot Health

It’s no surprise that working on your feet all day, can really affect your feet! However, that pain and fatigue doesn’t stop there, it can also affect your legs, back, and even neck. Whether you’re a sales associate, restaurant employee, flight attendant, nurse, pilot, doctor, or construction worker you are probably aware of the pain, fatigue, and potential injuries [...]

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A Step Towards Safety with PPE

Personal Protective Equipment is wearable equipment that protect you against health or safety risks, while working. These items include, but aren’t limited to, safety footwear, harnesses, gloves, hard hats, and dual layer memory foam insoles. The need and various industries that require or need PPE is vast. From manufacturing, agriculture, construction, to catering the range of PPE products vary. [...]

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A Recipe for Success: Proper Foot Support in the Kitchen

You’ve definitely heard the saying; “If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." You’ve probably also heard the equally popular saying; “Always wear proper footwear in the kitchen…and make sure they have MEGAComfort insoles to prevent slips, trips, and falls.” No? The second one is less familiar? Ok, it may be [...]

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There is Nothing Corny About Insoles

If you get corns and calluses on your feet often, then you might consider a good pair of orthotics in your shoes. If you spend a lot of time on your feet then you can also prevent problems of possibly developing corns and calluses. There are many causes of corns and calluses. If you [...]

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MEGAComfort New Website Launch

Here at MEGAComfort we produce the best quality insoles and orthotics for our hard working customers. We took this approach and applied it to produce a higher quality website. You may recall we re-launched our site less than a year ago. However, our commitment to excellence motivated us to update and create a newer and fresher [...]

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