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Celebrating the World Day for Safety and Health at Work

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is an international campaign and celebration of promoting health and safety on an annual basis. Occupational health and safety deserves global recognition to inspire and motivate business around the world to focus on their workplace safety culture. Providing workers with a safe work environment is not [...]

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Taking Safety One Step at a Time

Most people spend more time standing on our feet than thinking about them, and even less time taking care of them. Working for long hours on your feet, or standing for many hours, without proper footwear and appropriate support can cause a horrible day, or even worse it can lead to debilitating lower body [...]

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A Step Towards Safety with PPE

Personal Protective Equipment is wearable equipment that protect you against health or safety risks, while working. These items include, but aren’t limited to, safety footwear, harnesses, gloves, hard hats, and dual layer memory foam insoles. The need and various industries that require or need PPE is vast. From manufacturing, agriculture, construction, to catering the range of PPE products vary. [...]

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Safety First Puts Employees First

Work related injuries can cost your company more than money, it can cost a depreciation in morale, in addition to costing your company, workers, and your community. Workplace injuries have various associated costs, depending on the severity of the incident. Fortunately, most of these injuries can be prevented if the necessary measure are taken. [...]

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