Most people spend more time standing on our feet than thinking about them, and even less time taking care of them. Working for long hours on your feet, or standing for many hours, without proper footwear and appropriate support can cause a horrible day, or even worse it can lead to debilitating lower body aches and pains. 

There are numerous foot problems, such as corns, bunions, sprains, and fungal infections, that can happen at home or at work. However, your overall health can be impacted by work-related activities. Working on your feet, or simply standing for hours on end, can increase your risk for inflammation and even permanent damage, if you don’t have proper foot protection or support.

What’s the first thing you think of, when you think about protective footwear safety? Most people immediately think about heavy duty footwear such as steel toe boots. These are fantastic protection against numerous workplace safety hazards. However, there are many other types of shoes and orthotics that will prevent injury and health problems, before they begin.

Evaluating your workplace for safety hazards should be an ongoing process. It’s important to do a safety analysis of your worksite to determine what type of foot protection you’ll need in the workplace. Then select shoes that provide the best protection for you. 

Evaluating Your Workplace

Workplace safety has many components. Much like a big puzzle, each piece must work together to create a harmonious scene. It is so important to identify each puzzle piece, in order to create a safer environment. Workplace evaluations should happen on a weekly basis. That may sound like a lot. However, imagine how much your workplace and space changes daily and weekly. There might be new machinery, walk ways, pathways, and hazards.

While you’re walking through you workplace for the evaluation, pay special attention to footwear protection and usage. Poor or inadequate footwear worn by employees and visitors can cause disasters. Whether it’s untied laces, poor footwear construction, or non-supportive shoes, be sure your employees or coworkers, are protected from danger.

A Good Fit for Safety

There are multiple types of footwear protection, and each can prevent injury in different situations or types of work. Steel toe boots are wonderful for construction workers, because they prevent heavy materials or objects from crushing the feet or toes. Visitors to construction sites, or factories, can also benefit from steel toe overshoes.

However, danger to your feet does not only come from above, it can come from below. For this reason, MEGAComfort’s Puncture Resistant insoles can protect you from being stabbed by a sharp object on the ground. Not only do they protect your feet from shards of glass, nails, and other dangerous objects but they prevent pain and fatigue. Our unique patented dual layer memory foam is included in this insole.

Many employees working with electricity face tremendous risk of potential electrical shock in the work place. Accumulating static shock, while working is extremely dangerous and destroy sensitive equipment. The solution for these employees is ESD footwear and insoles, that help conduct electricity through the ground. MEGAComfort offers our most popular Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat (PAM) insole for ESD. Not only does this allow you to make any work shoe appropriate for dissipating electrical static shock, but it also helps reduce pain and fatigue.

The Perfect Fit

Finding the right footwear starts with finding the perfect fit. It’s very important to make sure that your footwear fits comfortably. The right fitting shoe increases the footwear’s ability to be protective and supportive. Proper fitting shoes should not pinch your foot or toes. Furthermore, your shoes should be made of strong and sturdy materials that do not absorb water. Even though well loved and worn shoes may be comfortable, it’s import to make sure your shoes do not have rips, holes, fasten properly, and that the soles have good traction. 

If you spend your work day standing or walking on hard surfaces, fatigue can be a serious problem. The muscles in your feet support your body in numerous ways, without adequate support and cushioning you can endure tremendous strain on your muscles. Effective measures can be taken by simply adding anti-fatigue comfort insoles with cushioned arch support to your shoes or work boots. It is extremely important that the insoles are constructed from dual layer memory foam in order to provide maximum comfort and shock absorption. Anti-fatigue insoles are a much safer, cost-effective alternative to standard floor matting.

A Step in the Right Direction

Foot protection means more than wearing proper footwear, it means protecting yourself and your employees from hazards. Ensuring your team is properly supported by footwear and other safety regulations, means you are building a safety culture of awareness.

Work related injuries can cost your company more than money, it can lead to a depreciation in morale, and can affect each employee, the company, and wider community. Workplace injuries have various associated costs, depending on the severity of the incident. Fortunately, taking a step towards workplace safety, ensuring each employee has adequate and supportive footwear, can prevent most workplace injuries.

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