A tennis player’s body gets a great workout on the court. Not only that, but their feet get quite a workout as well. Playing tennis requires non-stop movement, going forward, backwards, side-to-side, lunging, stopping and starting suddenly. A tennis player’s feet are at risk for a variety of foot injuries and problems such as:

stress fractures
heel spurs
athlete’s foot
Morton’s Neuroma
toenail problems

Conditions such as these may also be caused by or exacerbated by existing biomechanical issues like high arches, flat feet and hammertoes. These problems may be recognized by uneven shoe wear.

Three things keep a tennis player’s feet healthy

There are three important elements for keeping a tennis player’s feet protected, healthy and comfortable:

1. It is very important for a tennis player to wear shoes designed especially for playing
tennis. Tennis shoes offer added stability for side-to-side movement. These shoes are
made to be heavier and stiffer than shoes for running or other sports. The outer soles maybe made with herring bone or a synthetic equivalent, and the toes have extra support for the stop-and-go action.

2. Another important thing to do is to wear specially designed tennis socks. These should be made from material that keeps moisture away from feet, not cotton. Tennis socks will also contain extra padding, and so it is important to wear them when trying new tennis shoes on to ensure proper fit and comfort.

3. A good set of tennis insoles is also essential. These may help to correct abnormal foot motion and improve proper alignment. They will also make foot motion more efficient and help to improve structural imbalances. Tennis insoles may also help to relieve pain and discomfort, and dramatically reduce the risk of foot injury.

What makes a good tennis insole?

Obviously, keeping moisture away from the feet is important, so good tennis insoles should be resistant to moisture. They should also be resistant to mold, bacteria and fungus. The tennis insole’s most important function is to reduce the stress to the feet and joints caused by the constant pounding of the feet on the court, so good shock absorption is essential. They should also be comfortable and reduce foot fatigue. All these needs can be filled by using quality tennis insoles made from dual layered memory foam that are designed to fit comfortably in tennis shoes.

A tennis player’s feet get a tremendous workout on the court. The constant moving, stopping,starting and pounding on the court puts the player’s feet under constant stress and risk of injury. A long list of possible foot problems for tennis players can be avoided by taking proper precautions, such as wearing the right kind of shoes, socks and tennis insoles. A good set of tennis insoles will be made of high quality dual layered memory foam to provide superior shock absorption while preventing bacteria, mold or fungus from growing on them.

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