Over the past year, you’ve probably heard more about sit-stand workstations. You may have even heard the phrase “sitting is the new smoking.” It may seem dramatic, but there are numerous reasons why people are getting up out of their chairs and working at sit-stand desks.

If you currently work at a desk job, you have probably noticed that you really don’t move too much during the day. Sure, there is the occasional trip to the kitchen, restroom and meetings. However, you may be spending several hours sitting! That’s a lot of time, and your body and mind are likely to be ready for more movement. Sit-stand desks are gaining popularity for this, and many other reasons. Simply put, sitting for long periods of time is bad for your health.

To have a healthy body, you have to move. Redistributing your weight, shifting around, is actually good for your health when done standing up. When you stand, you relieve lower back, upper leg, and buttock pressure. This may sound counter intuitive, however when you go from a sitting to standing position, your body naturally stretches. Your spine elongates and your circulation improves.

You may be envisioning hours of standing, but that’s not what we’re suggesting. Instead, imagine not being tied to your chair. To have the ability to work either standing or sitting. Not only will you increase your productivity, but you’ll positively impact your health. On the other hand, if you’re a very active person outside of the office, you may feel like you’re already do enough to improve your health. You may believe that your sedentary day doesn’t affect you because are otherwise active. Unfortunately, you’re still missing out on the added health benefits, stress reduction, and positive affects of standing and moving more throughout the day.

A recent Stanford University study, showed that 78% of workers who utilize a sit-stand desk were more likely to have a pain-free day. That’s a tremendous improvement!

Not sure how to structure your day if you have a sit-stand desk? It’s a normal concern or question. Luckily, you get to determine what works best for you. You can split your day evenly, alternate hours, or just listen to your body and see what you need throughout the day. If you have the option to stand, you’ll be surprised by your body’s desire to do so. It’s time to take a stand for yourself, literally stand up, and start improving your health and productivity with a sit-stand desk.