Combining innovation and technology to combat pain and fatigue is always at the heart of the MEGAComfort mission. Inspired by his experience working in a factory, Dr. Kevan Orvitz, founder and CEO of MEGAComfort continues to design, create, and inspire our team to ensure our product line continually evolves.

We know how busy people are these days, in fact, we love that we get to test out our products first hand. The MEGATeam is a group of hard working, busy, and motivated people. When we aren’t running around our office (or doing Pilates together as a team), we’re trying to maintain our social, personal, and wellness life at home. When we create products, we see firsthand how influential and transformative they are in our work-life wellness.

We’re thrilled to showcase the latest generation of Energysole at the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Our Energysole insole is designed for 24/7 use, you’ll want to put them in your work shoes, active footwear, and leisurewear. Utilizing ImpactSense Technology, these smart insoles provide highly accurate data, including pronation and supination analysis, a proprietary movement score and more, all from your feet!

That’s right, with Energysole you don’t need to rely on your wrist for an inaccurate step count. Instead, you can trust your feet, and let the Energysole app lead you to greater healthfulness and work-life wellness. We’ve combined our acclaimed and patented dual layer memory foam with the latest state-of-the art, patented sensor technology to create the ultimate wellness wearable.

Unlike your smart watch that requires daily charging, Energysole features a replaceable, long-lasting life battery that provides at least three months of continual wear. Whether you walk or stand for a long period of time in your workplace, you can now have the proper foot support and shock absorption to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

We’re here to help you achieve your health goals with greater accuracy, technology, and comfort. It’s time to unlock your potential with Energysole.

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