There’s one thing that most break rooms have in common, immediate access to packaged food and beverages. Vending machines are accessible in workplaces across the country. Instead of taking a break with a Kit Kat bar at the vending machine, imagine providing your employees with the oppor-tunity to access Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with the touch of a button. PPE Vending may sound like a futuristic prospect. Having the ability to provide your workers with the opportunity to pur-chase a healthier, long lasting and productive solution so instantly does sound futuristic. However, PPE vending is sweeping the nation, offering employers and employees with an instant solution to reduce consumption, increase productivity, and eliminate inventory, leading to tremendous cost savings.

Not only do PPE vending machines help improve safety compliance and makes safety accessible to everyone. These machines are custom-built to fit the individual customer/workplace addressing the specific needs of that worksite. PPE vending machines are gaining popularity because they help cus-tomers improve inventory management in a simple, effective and efficient manner. They eliminate processing and administrative costs while reducing labor costs.

Our job has always been to reduce pain and fatigue with every step. Combining our highly acclaimed PAM insole with vending machine packaging was an obvious combination for our team. Workplaces that offer PPE Vending give their employees the ability to access PPE by swiping their personal ID card, putting the employee in control of their ordering and safety solutions. Each transaction is monitored by the machine and operators can share logistics with management. Much like PPE vending offers an instant solution for workplaces wanting to improve their PPE ordering and productivity, MEGAComfort strives to create solutions that are impactful and efficient, which is why we offer our Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat Insole in PPE friendly packaging.

As a work life wellness solutions company, striving to be at the forefront of technological safety ad-vancements, MEGAComfort’s vending friendly packaging allows companies to offer a cost effective work life wellness solution to all employees, regardless of their work station. Our Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat insoles are clinically designed, utilizing patented dual layer memory foam technology, and provide wearers with 360 degree workplace coverage. Ensuring that each step is protected and vend-ing friendly packaging makes work life wellness and safety an accessible, affordable, and easy solution for workplace fatigue and physical pain and discomfort. Much like the vending machines themselves, our vending friendly packaging is efficient, employees can step into comfort as soon as they need it.