Voting Ends November 8th

The Winner Will be Announced on Facebook LIVE on November 16th

Meet the 2017 Hardest Worker Finalists

Jennifer Corrado 
Columbia Station, Ohio
Nominating: Anthony Corrado
“My husband is the hardest working person I know! He is a Laborer for Laborers Union Local 310. He works hard everyday to provide for our family, he never misses a day, he’s always on time or earlier and the whole job relies on him. He comes home so dirty and tired and his feet always hurt him.”
Kerrianne Weaver 
Conneaut, Ohio
Nominated: Her Fiance
“The hardest worker I know is my fiancé. He works in a warehouse freezer in sub zero temperatures. As head of the department he leads his men by example, spending up to 8 hours a day in freezing temps. Many weeks he puts in 10-20 hours overtime in. He does all this so I can stay home with my autistic daughter and care for her. We are blessed to have him and believe he is truly deserving of recognition.”
Denise Young
Newton, Georgia
Nominated: Michael John Young
“My husband John because he works so hard to pay our bills and provide for us. We have never gotten to take a family vacation because money is short most of the time.Even though my husband has high blood pressure and Diabetes and has issues with his health due to both of them, he keeps pushing forward and doesn’t give up.It would be amazing to see him happy and get ahead just a little for once,I try to work but since my lung collapsed it’s been hard. Thanks for this chance I pray I win.”
Jill Nauyokas 
South Boston, Massachusetts
Nominated: Gertie Nauyokas
“The hardest worker I know is my mother Gertie Nauyokas, she works a full time job. When she comes home her work is never done. She starts with cooking dinner for the five people in her house. Also watches about four of her grandchildren and makes sure they have food in there mouth as well. Then she will sit down with the kids and make sure there homework is done for the next day of school. She is lucky if she sleeps five hours a night. This is all done while she struggles with rheumatoid arthritis. I always say I wish I could have as much energy and strength as my mother.”
Abe Liandro
Houston, Texas
Nominated: Victor Liandro
“I would love to nominate my father. My sisters and I grew up in a single parent house hold and we relied on my father for just about everything. He worked multiple jobs daily just to give everything he could for us and more. He some how put together an awesome Thanksgiving dinner and spoiled us at Christmas. I didn’t understand how much he sacrificed when I was younger, I just knew he worked a lot, but now that I look back and remember it fills me with nothing but love for him. A lot of those memories are coming home from school to see him already home from his first job sleeping on the couch. He would get about 2 or 3 hours in before he would wake up and cook something for us to eat and then head off to his second job. I will probably never live up to him in my eyes but I strive to be a great father as he was to me and my siblings.”
Alysha Nalex McDougle
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Nominated: Gary Coates, her father. 
“My father, Gary Coates is the hardest worker, I know, he is 72 years old and is an Officer/ The Warden for Livingston Parish in Louisiana. He does not have Facebook but has a email. He has worked for them for over 20 years and before that worked in a factory working 40 hrs +overtime. In the past 21 years that he has been a officer he always volunteers for all the detail extra jobs, that need officers for any events and Holidays. As it stands today, he is working as much as he can due to last year’s flooding that recently occurred in the Livingston area of Louisiana. During the flooding, instead of worrying about himself & saving anything he had, he went to work, to help the people. One of those days he left to help, he lost everything he has worked so hard for, but yet that didn’t stop him from continuing to do his job, as an officer, even spent hours with rescue teams going in the flooded areas on boats getting people out. Today, he works all the overtime he can to rebuild & still goes to work all day. He is by far the kindest and strongest willed, hard working man I know, even willing to give what he doesn’t have to give. God bless everything he does.”