Walking is a sport that almost everyone can enjoy

Walking is something that we do every single day of our lives. For some people that may include little more than a stroll from the couch to the refrigerator for a snack during a commercial, and for others, walking is a serious sport or at least something that they deliberately engage in to stay fit and/or lose weight. Many doctors and weight-loss experts highly recommend walking because it is something that almost everyone can do, and a person can easily change their intensity to match their fitness level and get the results they desire.

Walking may be one of the safest sports, but it is not completely free from risks

While walking is without a doubt one of the safest sports around, it is not completely without risks. A walker may face problems and injuries including:


Insect bites

Being hit by a car


Calluses and/or corns

Ingrown toenails (may also become infected)

Morton’s Neuroma (nerve damage on the ball of the foot)

Arthritis of the foot and/or ankle

Complications to diabetes (a diabetic’s feet are more prone to damage and take longer to heal)

Fallen arches

Athlete’s foot and other bacterial or fungal infections


Heel pain

Sprains or strains

Preventing some of these injuries may be as simple as wearing sunscreen or insect repellent, or using common sense and reflective clothing. For the majority of foot injuries that may be caused or aggravated by walking, a good pair of anti-fatigue insoles can work wonders.

What to look for in a good pair of walking insoles

When looking for a good pair of walking insoles you will want to keep a couple of important things in mind. First, they should fit comfortably inside your walking shoes. They should feel like a part of the shoe. Also, they should be made of the latest high tech material, such as dual layered memory foam, to allow maximum shock absorption without taking up a lot of space in the shoe. You also want to find insoles that they are resistant to bacteria, mold and fungus. Wearing a good set of walking insoles will provide shock absorption that helps to prevent fatigue and improve your foot comfort. A good set of walking insoles can also help improve your coordination and balance which will make you more likely to walk longer and burn more calories.


Walking is a great way to stay in shape or lose weight. Top doctors and fitness experts commonly recommend walking for weight loss because almost everyone can do it. People generally consider walking an injury-free type of sport, but injuries do occur and stress and strain on the feet can lead to problems throughout the body. The use of high quality walking insoles can help prevent foot strain and a myriad of painful foot, skin, knee and lower back problems. A high quality insole will be made from high tech materials that will absorb the shock while providing better coordination and comfort. Good insoles should be resistant to bacteria, mold and fungi.