Feet tired from standing all day? Suffering from foot, lower back, shoulder, or neck pain? It’s time to get MEGAComfortable with a pair of MEGAComfort insoles!

We are happy to announce our WINMEGA contest sponsored by MEGAComfort and Work Authority in Canada. For every MEGAComfort insole purchased from March 5th to April 1st, you can enter to WIN a $200 gift certificate from Work Authority AND 5 MEGAComfort Insoles to share with family and friends!

Our Dual Layer 100% memory foam insoles are clinically proven to reduce pain and fatigue with every step. Ergonomically designed by Podiatrist, Dr. Kevan Orvitz, our insoles are made for people who walk or stand for long hours during their workday. Not only are each of our insoles crafted to support and comfort your foot, but we offer an entire line of insoles catering to the specific industries and job tasks.

Learn more about our insoles here.

Want to participate in our contest, or determine which MEGAComfort Dual Layer 100% memory foam insole is right for you? Visit your nearest Work Authority store from March 5th-April 1st and WINMEGA!
This contest is for Canada only.