Hardest Worker contest is a celebration of the American workforce. A contest where people are encouraged to share the stories about the Hardest Workers they know. Stories that represent strength, determination, will power, and perseverance of the human spirit.

Leaders ergonomically designed work-life wellness solutions, MEGAComfort Inc. have announced the winners for the Hardest Worker Contest 2019. After 5 months of the extensive nomination period and hundreds of entries from across the country, the contest is now closed.

The nominations that we received this year are not just stories, they are a testament to the power and determination of the human spirit. These people are not ordinary people. Working multiple jobs, providing for their families, standing up strong in difficult situations – this what the Hardest Worker contest is all about.

MEGAComfort also awarded cash prizes worth $5000 among the top 3 winners. The company also donate $1 for every eligible entry received during the contest period to Hire Heroes USA, a non-profit organization that helps military personnel transition into civilian life.


Our 2018 third place winner, John Tucker, works 10-12 hour days in a physically demanding job without complaining. When his town was threatened by flooding, John jumped into action helping neighbors and his community. In his spare time, John gives back by volunteering his time with Autistic children, teaching them how to play guitar.

In second place, Brent Wilmot, nominated by Andrew Varn, is a dedicated and devoted teacher. Not only does Brent inspire his classmates, but he is a source of inspiration to other faculty members. Referred too often as a hero, he has comforted children dealing with losses in their family, taught them how to tie their shoes, and stopped bloody noses. He always goes out of his way to help his students and community.

Our grand prize and first place winner, Rogers Blanco, nominated by his wife Denise Blanco. He works 12 hour long days, 6 days a week as a garbage truck driver in South Carolina. Always going out of his way to help others, he often picks up additional shifts. When his community was hit by a hurricane, Rogers jumped into action. An amazing worker and community member, Rogers also prioritizes his family. After his son suffered brain injuries during birth and had to stay in the NICU, four hours away from their home. Rogers made sure, even after a 12 hour shift, that he and his wife visit their son. Each of these incredible individuals motivates our team to work hard with the same spirit.

2017 Hardest Working Team and Hardest Working Individual Winners

The MEGAComfort team is pleased to announce Anthony Corrado from Columbia Station, Ohio as winner of the Hardest Worker Contest and Maya Kassab and her team at Traverse City West Senior High School in Michigan as the Hardest Working Team. Nominated by his wife Jennifer Corrado and voted on by the public as the most deserving out of six finalists from across the country, Mr. Corrado was selected as Hardest Working individual because of his determination, relentless work ethic and devotion to his family. One supporter of Mr. Corrado said, they “selected this finalist because he really does have a hard job. It is hard on the body to do construction work, and they do not get the appreciation they deserve.”  Maya Kassab and her team of incredible teachers at Traverse City West Senior High School won the Hardest Working Team grand prize. “[This team of] teachers stand out because [they] are ferociously unwilling to let a student in [their] classes fail or be unsuccessful,” said Maya Kassab, teacher at Traverse City West Senior High School. “Our team feels very fortunate and downright spoiled by having the distinct honor of being the winners.” You can learn more here. Follow us on social media to learn more about our 2018 Hardest Worker Contest.

Who is the Hardest Worker or Hardest Working Team You Know?

It’s our second annual MEGAComfort Labor Day Hardest Worker Sweepstakes and Contest! This year we’ve added an additional way to show your appreciation for the hardest workers in your life. In addition to nominating the hardest worker you know, you can also nominate the hardest working team. Not only can more hard workers win, but they can win bigger prizes! This is how our team gives back to the safety community, in a fun and meaningful way.  Ready to enter? Click here for all of the details. 


Who is the Hardest Worker You Know?

hardest worker sweepstakes

Just before Labor Day, the MEGAComfort team decided to give back to the safety community, in a fun and engaging way. We decided to have a contest focusing on sharing stories about the hardest worker you know. Never could we have imagined the response we would receive. As the contest began, comments and stories started rolling in and we were honored that each person candidly shared stories of their hardest worker, their heroes. We received 359 entries, and we read each and every one. Learn more here. We’d like to give a MEGACongratulations to the winner of the contest, Randi Jean Cook, from Monroe, Michigan! Thank you for being a part of our contest and for sharing who the hardest worker you know is. 

December 2015 Sweepstakes MEGAWinner

We’d like to extend a MEGACongratulations to our sweepstakes winner, Danny Newsome of Texas!

MEGAComfort teamed up with Airopedic to provide one lucky winner with 2 chairs called The Airopedic Chair with the uniquely designed Back-U-Up chair back. We appreciate everyone who participated. We wish everyone could win, but the good news is we’ll have more sweepstakes and opportunities to WINMega in 2016.