This Friday, April 28, 2017 is World Day for Safety and Health at Work. You may have noticed by now that we are MEGA excited about all things health and safety related, in the workplace and at home. Each day, we hope you join us in practicing workplace safety and wellness. However, if you need some tips for adding to or implementing a new program or just simply talking to your team about safety, we’re here to help.

According to the United Nations, 6,300 people around the world die daily as a result of occupational accidents or work related illnesses and diseases. That means there are 2.3 million fatalities each year. These numbers are shocking. It’s up to all of us, in the safety community to raise our standards and work together to create safer, and healthier environments.

We hope that by working together, we can all change these statistics and improve the lives of workers across all continents.

1. Caring Comes First

Safety is more than an item on a checklist, it is a corporate value that needs to be embedded in the foundation of the company. Employers have the responsibility of keeping workers safe. It is more than a task, it should be a passion.

2. Sharing the Responsibility

Knowing that safety is a core value of the company, it’s important to hire safety professionals that share the same concern and passion. Safety professionals should lead teams  and be proactive, and not re-active when it comes to implementing and monitoring safety initiatives . Hiring qualified safety professionals, who care and take the responsibly seriously, is the best way to strive towards creating a safer workplace.

3. Embrace Technology

Technology has changed everyone’s lives in numerous way. Embracing technology within the workplace is the only way to ensure that the workplace evolves with current trends. Technology allows for better communication and innovation. In addition, numerous personal protective equipment is evolving with the help of technology.

At MEGAComfort we’ve used technology to develop our insoles, which are composed of dual layer 100% memory foam. Today, we’ve furthered our technology advances by developing the MEGAComfort Footwear and Insole Advisor, which scans a person’s foot and recommends the correct footwear and insole based on their foot size and arch. This allows insole wearers to know which insole can provide them the best support and comfort.  Utilizing technology has furthered our ability to make a safer and healthier workplace, both in our products and how we educate people to use them.

4. Make Health and Wellness a Priority

Today’s workplace is a melting pot of different people, of all walks and stages of life.. Wellness can no longer be looked at as a separate program, but should be tied directly to safety. It deserves the same attention. If safety is protecting employees, wellness is ensuring they’re healthy on and off the job.

This Friday, celebrate World Day for Safety and Health at Work with your team. Start a discussion about how you can improve your current safety and wellness programs. When you work together and get everyone involved in the process, you make a more fulfilling and engaging experience, making it easier to create an atmosphere that lives safety and wellness as value and with passion.