The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is an international campaign and celebration of promoting health and safety on an annual basis. Occupational health and safety deserves global recognition to inspire and motivate business around the world to focus on their workplace safety culture. Providing workers with a safe work environment is not a privilege, it’s a right that every employee has. Talking about safety on World Day for Safety and Health is a great way to engage your employees in the health and safety discussion.

 To honor and celebrate World Day for Safety and Health we’re sharing some of our favorite activities that can help you make the most of this meaningful day.

 CPR Training

 One of the most useful classes an employer can provide is CPR training. Not only is it helpful in the workplace but it’s a skill people can carry into their personal lives. Obviously, these are lessons we’d rather not have to use in our life but knowing CPR can save someones life. Holding a CPR class or setting a goal for everyone to take a CPR class is a great way to make World Safety Day meaningful for everyone.

 Hold a Contest

 What do employees love more than a contest? Contest prizes! Contests can be a fun and actively engaging way to have safety discussions. You can test your worker’s knowledge through trivia, quizzes, and even create safety bingo! Prizes can be big or small, even better they can be related to safety. One of our favorite prizes is anti-fatigue insoles, they are personal and provide comfort and shock absorption with every step, definitely a win-win for everyone!

 Get Fitted

 Most safety programs require some type of PPE. World Safety Day is the perfect time to have everyone stop and take a minute to evaluate the current state and fit of their PPE. Maybe their goggles/glasses are cracked, footwear is worn out, and gloves are torn. Even better, it could be the right time to start a personal anti-fatigue insole program. Comprised of dual layer 100 percent memory foam, they provide wearers with 360 degree protection from slips, trips and falls while reducing pain and fatigue. You can learn more about our personal anti-fatigue insoles here

 Making safety discussions engaging and useful is what makes workplace safety programs successful and thrive. Take advantage of World Safety Day and get your team involved in advancing their own health and safety in the workplace.