Today is World Kindness Day! What better way could the MEGAComfort team celebrate this wonderful day, than by announcing the winner of our MEGAComfort Hardest Worker Contest.

One of our favorite parts about the contest was receiving all the votes from you, our MEGAComfort family and friends! Not only did we hear stories of hard work, dedication, and love from those nominated, but your reasons for voting were equally as stirring and emotional.

Jennifer Corrado of Columbia Station, Ohio nominated her husband Anthony Corrado. On Facebook, she shared “My husband is the hardest working person I know! He is a Laborer for Laborers Union Local 310. He works hard everyday to provide for our family, he never misses a day, he’s always on time or earlier and the whole job relies on him. He comes home so dirty and tired and his feet always hurt him.”

Voters related Mr. Corrado saying “union members are the hardest working most dedicated workers there are. Union laborers built this country and keep it running every day. We are union strong and stronger together! MUCH SUPPORT from Afscme local 27!”

Another person voted for him “because he sounds like he is really hardworking and also very dedicated to his work and his family so that he goes to work everyday so he can provide for them. Sounds like a good man to me.”

We loved seeing the outpouring of appreciation for all of the nominees. Another supporter of Mr. Corrado said, they “selected this finalist because he really does have a hard job, it is hard on the body to do construction work and they do not get the appreciation they deserve so I hope this one wins.”

We are thrilled to share World Kindness Day with all our nominees, and of course our MEGAComfort Hardest Worker Contest Winner Anthony Corrado!   As this year’s winner Anthony receives $2000 in cash and 20 MEGAComfort insoles for his friends and family.  Here’s the link to today’s announcement.

If you want to spread kindness to the hardest worker in your life, take a moment to call, text, or simply tell them how much you appreciate their hard work, generosity, and determination. And don’t forget to nominate the hardest worker you know next year in our 3rd Annual Labor Day Sweepstakes and Contest!