This Friday is World Science Day for Peace and Development. It highlights the link between science and our society. The day was established to promote the role of science for peaceful and sustainable societies, renew the global commitment to using science for communal benefits, and to educate and engage the public on emerging scientific issues.

For most people, science was a subject in our early education that could be fun, interesting, or sometimes stressful and confusing. It was hard to imagine the real-life implications of the subject matter. However, science is a part of our lives. It allows for the creation of medical breakthroughs, impacts the world of technology, and is utilized to create most of the products we use daily.

Science is at the heart of some of the greatest health and safety breakthroughs and innovations. MEGAComfort’s inspiriation was crafted from medical know-how and scientific exploration. Dr. Kevan Orvitz, a Podiatrist, our founder and CEO saw from his first-hand experience with factory workers an opportunity to improve their health and well-being. He noticed that their feet lacked the physical support and cushioning they needed to maintain energy and productivity throughout their workday. However astute the realization, his findings would be irrelevant without the scientific ingenuity to utilize dual layer memory foam to provide a solution of cutting-edge anti-fatigue insoles.

Science continues to be the bridge between creativity and actualization. MEGAComfort strives to bring science and technology to the forefront of all our products. What are some of your favorite products that have helped better your life? We bet science played a role in their development as well.

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