International Day of Yoga or Yoga Day was unanimously declared by the United Nations General Assembly on December 11th, 2014. Since then, the world has celebrated the practice of yoga and it’s physical and mental health benefits on June 21 each and every year.

It’s the perfect day for enthusiasts, and newcomers, to practice yoga. If you’re new to yoga, you may find that there are tremendous benefits to this ancient practice. Although it can seem overwhelming to start a new routine or form of exercise, yoga offers numerous poses, and flows that anyone can do.

At MEGAComfort, we are big fans of staying active throughout the day and keep workout equipment on hand for our employees. If you’re looking to start yoga in your workplace, check out this article with some simple stretches that you can try at your desk.

Yoga is recognized on an international level as a beneficial practice as it helps increase flexibility, strength, and toning.  It also improves respiration, energy, metabolism, and it’s a relatively safe physical activity. Almost every pose can be modified, allowing beginners and advanced yogis to benefit.

Celebrate Yoga Day with your office and talk about the different ways your team can engage in this physical activity. Getting active during the day can significantly improve the quality of your work day. You can learn more about incorporating wellness into your work day here. 

We hope you have a meaningful International Yoga Day, Namaste!