Do suffer from lower back pain, tight hips, stiff neck, aching or tight shoulders? If you sit at a desk for most of your day, it’s time you embrace office yoga. Adding some light stretching and yoga poses into your day will reduce and minimize your overall discomfort and make it easier to focus and be more productive.

Staying stagnant at work, whether you stand for long periods of time or sit for 8 hours, there are effective moves you can incorporate into your day that will give you the mental and physical break that you need.

Here are 5 great yoga poses that you can try while you read this article!

1. Scale Pose:

Sit at the edge of your chair and press your hands down on both sides of your hips. Using your core (abdominal muscles) raise your legs and butt off the chair. Try to keep your shoulders down, don’t let them inch up to your ears, and hold this pose for 3-5 breaths. Lower yourself back into seated position and do 2 or 3 more repetitions.

2.  Seated Crescent Moon Pose

When you’re sitting all day at your computer, you can actually be causing your body more pain and discomfort than you would think. Your body has a tendency to collapse when hunched over at the computer. Seated Crescent Moon allows you to sit with a taller spine, more focus, and allows for greater productivity. To perform seated crescent moon pose, lift your arms over your head and stretch your fingers wide. Lean over the right, take in 2 or 3 deep breaths and repeat on the other side. Try and do 2 or 3 more repetitions.

3. Side Twists

While being at the edge of your seat, turn and twist to your left. Keep your left on the back of the chair to make the twist as deep as possible. When you turn, try and exhale to release pressure. Hold this pose for 5-8 breaths, and repeat on the other side.

4. Cow Face Arms

Doesn’t the name just make this sound fun? Not only does it sound fun, but it feels great! Take your right arm behind your back and your left arm behind your head. Try and clasp your fingers together and take 2-3 deep breaths before switching sides. Repeat for 2-3 times on each side.

5. Sit and Stand Chair Pose

While being seated all day, you don’t utilize your hamstrings and glutes which makes you depend more on your upper back and neck. This two-part pose will help you waken up those muscles and support your body is a better way.

Start in the seated position on your chair. Your knees should be bent to a 90 degree angle, with your feet flat on the ground. Focus on pressing your heels to the floor, and try not to move your feet or arms and make your way to a standing position.

After standing, slowly move back down to a seated position. Try to move slowly, without moving forward or shifting your body and hips from side to side. Try and repeat this pose 5-10 times.

Incorporating these yoga poses and light stretching into your work day can make a tremendous impact on your overall health and wellbeing. Over time, you’ll notice that stopping to stretch feels better than that second (or third) cup of coffee. If you have any suggestions, or would like us to discuss any yoga poses further, you can reach us here.